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Enthusiastic programmer that loves solving problems; always trying to get the most efficient or most maintainable solution possible. Experienced developer utilizing a broad spectrum of programming languages, always striving for more knowledge and self-improvement. Exceptional skills in team management and Object-Oriented Design. High preference to compiled languages such as C & C++, but always flexible to use others as well, such as C# and Java - Language is not a barrier. Enjoys learning new technologies and ideas when the opportunity presents itself.


HERE Technologies
Timeline: 2018 - Present
Role: Software Engineer II
A member of a team dedicated to the alignment and synchronization of multiple data sources, such as LIDAR, GIS Imagery, and sensor data for use and consumption by autonomous vehicles. The synchronized data is combined and used into the production of a 3D Mapping platform used by various automobile manufacturers.
The Sandbox
Relation: Owner
Timeline: 2017 - 2017
Status: Completed
A small game engine written in C++ and OpenGL to experiment with real-time computer graphics and physics. It features a modular graphics shading framework, multi-threaded scene-based updates, a multi-threaded simple physics and collision engine, and other unique features. Demo
University Projects
Timeline: 2016 - 2018
Status: Work in Progress
A collection of projects during my time at the University of California, San Diego
Project Ki
Relation: Owner
Timeline: 2016 - X
Status: Incomplete/Hiatus
Prototype for a Live web chat over web sockets with "groups" as seperate chat rooms with user customizability. Prototyped in Python, written in C with use of JS, Nginx, MySQL.
Formal Name: Arkvid LLC
Relation: Owner
Timeline: 2014 - April 2, 2016
Status: Terminated
Created a video streaming engine with ~15m unique visitors a month and ~200k-350k pageviews a day. Served high-bitrate 720p and 1080p encodes with a daily bandwidth usage of ~40TB, accumulating thousands of dollars a month for server costs. Most influential project. As the sole developer/owner, lead a team of 6+ people to provide constant uptime and server monitoring for stability and optimal streaming capabilities, as well as listen to user feedback for improvements.
Relation: Owner
Timeline: 2009 - October 2016
Status: Terminated
Created an Anime streaming website with ~1.5m unique visitors a month and ~50k pageviews a day. First solo project and longest lasting. Lead a team of 10+ individuals who maintained the active community and other aspects of the site. Sole developer; the site went through four major iterations, finally shutting down on version 4.x. Extensive uses of PHP, HTML5, JS, CSS, MySQL throughout the entire lifetime of the site.
L2J Server Project
Relation: Server Owner/Developer
Timeline: 2008 - 2009
Status: Terminated
Server Emulator written in Java for the Popular MMO, Lineage II. Ran a personal private server and aided in development of new features in the Open Source Project. Faced challenges as a new programmer implementing new game modes and dealing with OOP concepts, Java structures/classes, and network logic.


University of California, San Diego
B.S. in Mathematics-Computer Science - 2018