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Enthusiastic programmer that never wants to let a project be truly "finished"; always trying to get the last bit of performance or code-readability possible. Experienced developer utilizing a broad spectrum of programming languages, always striving for more knowledge and imrpovement. Exceptional skills in team management and Object-Oriented Design. High preference to compiled languages such as C & C++, but always flexible to use others as well. Enjoys learning new technologies and ideas when the opportunity presents itself.


L2J Server Project
Relation: Server Owner/Developer; Timeline: 2008 - 2009; Status: Terminated;
Server Emulator written in Java for the Popular MMO, Lineage II. Ran a personal private server and aided in development of new features in the Open Source Project. Faced challenges as a new programmer implementing new game modes and dealing with OOP concepts, Java structures/classes, and network logic.
Relation: Owner; Timeline: 2009 - October 2016; Status: Terminated;
Created an Anime streaming website with ~1.5m unique visitors a month and ~50k pageviews a day. First solo project and longest lasting. Lead a team of 10+ individuals who maintained the active community and other aspects of the site. Sole developer; the site went through four major iterations, finally shutting down on version 4.x. Extensive uses of PHP, HTML5, JS, CSS, MySQL throughout the entire lifetime of the site.
Formal Name: Arkvid LLC; Relation: Owner; Timeline: 2014 - April 2, 2016; Status: Terminated;
Created a video streaming engine with ~15m unique visitors a month and ~200k-350k pageviews a day. Served high-bitrate 720p and 1080p encodes with a daily bandwidth usage of ~40TB, accumulating thousands of dollars a month for server costs. Most influential project. As the sole developer/owner, lead a team of 6+ people to provide constant uptime and server monitoring for stability and optimal streaming capabilities, as well as listen to user feedback for improvements.
Project Ki
Relation: Owner; Timeline: 2016 - X; Status: Incomplete/Hiatus;
Prototype for a Live web chat over web sockets with "groups" as seperate chat rooms with user customizability. Prototyped in Python, written in C with use of JS, Nginx, MySQL.
Relation: Owner; Timeline: 2017 - X; Status: Work in Progress;
Universal Windows Platform Application written in C#. Connects to a multitude of manga websites and downloads their content for the user. Allows for library organization, searching, and more reading tools.
The Sandbox
Relation: Owner; Timeline: 2017 - 2017; Status: Completed;
A small game engine written in C++ and OpenGL to experiment with real-time computer graphics and physics. It features a modular graphics shading framework, multi-threaded scene-based updates, a multi-threaded simple physics and collision engine, and other unique features. Demo


Currently enrolled for a B.S in Math & C.S. at the University of California, San Diego.